Compliance Manager

Job description

The mission

At Wayhome we are reinventing homeownership by co-investing with people who haven't been able to buy a home yet. We’re a small team of property specialists, data scientists, engineers and creatives, who are addressing one of the biggest and most life-changing problems our customers have: how they can get the security and freedom of homeownership for their families and for themselves.

We offer

  • Salary £45,000-£55,000 based on experience
  • Your choice of a Mac or Windows laptop
  • Unlimited holiday (minimum 28 days/year)
  • An opportunity to be granted stock options for high performance
  • An office in Bank with all the WeWork bells and whistles, although….

Remote working

For the foreseeable future, we’re optimising for the majority of our team to be working remotely, coming into the office for key meetings or workshops only.

We have a (dog friendly) office in central London if you're unable or don’t want to work from home, or just prefer the buzz of a coworking space, but we're keen to provide an experience that works for everyone.

The current situation is a bit of a change for us, but we’re growing into this new remote reality together - if there is a specific way you want to work or you have particular requirements, let us know: we're always open to discussing it.

Flexible hours

As a new and evolving role, we’re flexible about how this work gets done. We’re more interested in the value and output of the role than working a 9-5, so if you’re looking for a part-time (min. 3 days per week) or more flexible hours, we’re more than happy to explore that. This includes a fixed-term contract or a self-employed agreement too.

The team

You will be working cross-functionally as a part of the diverse and brilliant Wayhome team, with reporting lines into both the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Product and Technology Officer. Together, we’ll audit compliance across various business functions and activities, analyse risks of any non-compliant activities, and work with everyone to develop a Compliance By Design culture.

We offer a collaborative, high-challenge, fast-paced environment. We emphasise excellence and we make each other laugh. You will be supported by your colleagues when you need it and left to get on with it when you don't.

The role

We need someone laser-focused on compliance oversight, as this work has previously been distributed across the team. You will bring it all together and be our compliance guardian across the company. You should have both the expertise and the enthusiasm to help us mitigate current risks and future-proof our business.

You'll help us audit existing processes and activities across teams, assess the efficacy of our regulatory Compliance Monitoring Plan, and analyse the potential likelihood and impacts of various compliance risks. We’ll use this analysis to develop a prioritised roadmap of tasks to help protect the business, our employees, and our customers. For example, you may need to complete a Data Privacy Impact Assessment on some of our integral 3rd-party SaaS platforms, and recommend migration to a more secure and/or more compliant platform if needed.

Critically, we’ll also work together to raise awareness of compliant vs. non-compliant behaviours in each business unit, and advocate for both peer monitoring and increased executive team involvement in ensuring compliance is taken seriously.

Job requirements

What we need

  • Strong competency or expertise in the following compliance areas:
    • GDPR, data privacy, and Security By Design
    • Transparency and Consent Frameworks and other “guardrails” for customer interactions
  • A practical approach to compliance
    • Work with the business to identify the most likely and most impactful risks resulting from potential compliance breaches, and to mitigate them
    • Defaulting to how can we achieve our goals, compliantly
  • Curious, self-motivated, and excited to liaise with teammates
    • Get up to speed on compliance areas that are outside of your expertise, but are relevant to our business
    • Use your experience to challenge teams’ established practices when appropriate
    • Collaborate with us to define and promote the business value of a Compliance By Design culture
  • Excellent project management skills
    • Highly organised – can work to short deadlines, can communicate project progress regularly and transparently, etc. in an agile, early-stage start-up
    • Strong attention to detail – in general, our team has a big appetite for detail, so consider yourself warned! :)
  • Comfortable with common business software and happy to learn new technologies
  • Comfortable liaising with 3rd-party service providers and other suppliers to assess our end-to-end compliance needs and implement any necessary changes

Other skills and experience we’re interested in

If you don't have the skills or experience listed below, please still apply. We think you can learn these on the job trainable and they are not required for a successful applicant to come in and change our world.
  • Strong competency or expertise in the following compliance areas:
    • FCA regulations surrounding insurance mediation, financial promotions, and/or mortgage lending
    • (Residential) property sales, lettings, and/or landlord responsibilities in the UK
    • Human Resources, people hiring and management, and employment law
    • Health and Safety regulations and other general corporate compliance
  • Exposure to fast paced start-ups or other growing business
  • Exposure to the proptech/fintech spaces

Hiring Process

  1. A member of the team you will be working with will review your CV. If we don't progress you at this stage, ask us why - we don't offer feedback on every CV by default due to the volume but we're happy to provide feedback if asked
  2. A 15 to 30-minute initial phone call to find out more about what you’re looking for in your next role and team, as well as giving you the opportunity to ask about us and the job
  3. A more in-depth chat about your knowledge, experience and motivations and diving into more detail about the role itself.
  4. There will be a task, which we send to you beforehand and book in a session for you to walk us through what you've done. This will help give you an idea of what the role will entail, while giving us some insight into how you solve problems and your work preferences.
  5. For our final stage, you’ll have a couple of other calls to meet the team you’ll be working with and ask any additional questions you might have about the business or working at Wayhome. We'll be able to be more specific about these closer to the time, but these are really to get a better understand of how you'll work with the team and all of the ways you can contribute to our culture.
End to end this process shouldn't take more than a few weeks, although we're open to being flexible if you require a shorter or longer timeline. Applicants must have the right to work in the UK as we are currently unable to offer sponsorship.

We currently have no plans to work with recruiters on this role, so no recruiters please.

As part of our hiring process, we will use a regulated 3rd party to perform suitability analysis on your application. This analysis will include criminal background and reference checks. If you have concerns or questions about this part of the process, please feel free to reach out to us at